IAM Game Design Major

Computer game play has emerged as the most popular form of entertainment in our culture and exhibits great promise as a tool for education, science, and industry. Leveraging the strengths of the Interactive Arts and Media Department, the interdisciplinary nature of the faculty, and partnerships with other departments, the Game Design major is designed to educate students for careers in the exciting and fast-growing field of game design and production.

The Game Design major in Interactive Arts and Media provides contextual understanding and competence in this distinctive discipline. Our students develop an understanding of the aesthetics, theory, and culture of games that informs their work and encourages originality in content. Game Design majors learn how to develop games in a strong and collaborative production environment in which teams work together effectively to create games.

Students in the Game Design major complete the Interactive Arts and Media core before enrolling in Game Design courses that accentuate the cultural aspects of game design, game design theory, and concept development. Students then select one of four concentrations in Game Art, Development , or Sound providing the depth of specialization that the game industry demands. A distinctive component of the Game Design curriculum is the senior capstone course. As students study in their chosen specializations, they are expected not only to accumulate knowledge and skills, but also to accumulate original content in order to complete their final capstone experience. The capstone course brings together teams of student specialists in the framework of an advanced production class, where they learn effective team-building strategies and the creation of shared visions, culminating in the production of a working game.


Game Project 2012

Game Project 2011

Game Project 2010

Grunt Work is a light-hearted action game that is a twist on the standard “rescue the princess” cliché of fantasy games and literature. Two players, each controlling an invading monster – either an ogre or a sorceress - work cooperatively to fight their way through the castle, ascend the highest tower and get to the princess. In Grunt Work, however, the princess is not the damsel in distress, and the two monsters aren’t the bad guys…

Game Project 2009

Dismantle Repair is a team-oriented video game where two teams compete to build towers that reach into the clouds. In order to build their towers, the teams must compete for building materials found in the environment. The characters on each team can also steal building blocks from the opposing team’s tower, and use their special abilities to make things harder for the other team, or easier for their own.

Graduates of Columbia College's Interactive Arts and Media department are employed at game companies such as: