Bachelor of Fine Arts in IAM

The Bachelor of Fine Arts offers students additional opportunities for depth, building on the breadth of options already available and on the strong foundation of the IAM BA core classes. The BFA in IAM provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in a number of specialties, and to further develop an individual creative voice. Directions of study that lead to innovation and map to future career opportunities include, but are not limited to: Physical Interfaces, Interactive Narrative, Social Media, Game Art and Computational Art and Processing

Submission Guidelines.

Students may apply for the BFA after accumulating 60 credit hours. An artist statement or statement of intent, a web-based portfolio, and a “B” average in every departmental course and elective counting toward the major, is required. The portfolio must be a website dedicated to the BFA application process demonstrating significant effort and achievement in a representative body of work.

Submission Deadlines
Winter: January 15
Spring: May 30

Please send information(statement,url) via email to

BFA in IAM Courses
IAM BFA 4 Year Plan and Requirements