Programming Majors

Programming is the discipline that, simply put, makes it all work; technical skills are necessary to bring an interactive creation to life. Students in the applied programming degrees take a variety of courses to develop a deep understanding of the skills, processes, aesthetics, and theories that help them develop new and original ideas and solutions.

Game Programming (BA and BSc)

Game development is an exciting multidisciplinary field that requires intense creativity, as well as professional discipline and strong collaborative production skills.

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Programming (BA) prepares graduates to develop serious games, simulations, and other game-like interactive experiences. The curriculum provides necessary scripting and programming skills, as well as providing the strong background in Liberal Arts and Sciences required to thrive in this growing and competitive field. This degree prepares students for degrees not only in serious games and simulations, but any interactive media field that employs game engine or related technologies.

The Bachelor of Science in Game Programming (BSc) degree prepares students for careers as game software engineers at a large commercial game development studio, or as an independent game development producing for a variety of media platforms. With a greater emphasis mathematics, physics, graphics, and networking, students emerging with this degree are prepared to create game engines or game engine technology in the game industry, or to continue on to a graduate-level program, such as a Masters in Computer Science.

Application Programming (BA and BSc)

We anticipate that our BA and BSc in application design and development will be available beginning Fall 2018.