Interactive Arts and Media Web Development Minor

The Interactive Arts and Media Department's minor in Web Development is designed for students of any major who would like to supplement their work with skills in developing for and distributing work through the web. This minor provides students with a firm grounding in the technical aspects of web page creation, programming, and information management. Students learn state-of-the-art programming languages to create interactive web sites with dynamic content. Students' high-end web content and design programming skills will make them more competitive in the web design market.

The growth of the World Wide Web has created a need for experimental approaches to web design. In combination with a major, the Web Development minor enables students to take an interdisciplinary and experimental approach to web design, which is necessary in a changing media environment. All of Columbia's students have an opportunity to explore and experience the latest technological advances in hardware and software in our classrooms and labs, and to study with professionals in web design.

IAM Web Development Minor Courses
IAM Web Development Minor 4 Year Plan and Requirements