IAM Advising

College Advisors, available through the school’s College Advising Center, are there to help you with:  

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences/General Education Classes
  • Non-Major Related Electives
  • Graduation Audit
  • Registering
  • Transferring credits
  • Academic Compliance
  • General Career Guidance
  • Study Abroad
  • Emergency Situations

The College Advisor for IAM is Lauren Targ, 312-369-8626  ltarg@colum.edu

Faculty Advisors are members of the Interactive Arts and Media department and can help you with course and requirement issues, as well as bigger-picture questions, directly related to your degree. They can help you with:

  • Interactive Arts and Media or Game Curriculum
  • Registration and clearance for departmental or major courses
  • Waivers, substitutions, or course equivalencies for departmental or major courses
  • Artistic and career advice related to your major, as well as personal and professional goals

Once you have registered for classes you’ll be notified of who your faculty advisor is. Additionally, you can find the name of both your College and Faculty Advisors in your Academic Record accessible through the college’s Oasis portal at oasis.colum.edu. 

Advising Notice

The Interactive Arts and Media department places advising holds on students with 30–59 credit hours and 75-90 credit hours (earned and including courses in progress) so that we can be sure you are on the right path to timely graduation. If you are in one of these categories, you must see your Faculty Advisor and be cleared in order to register in the subsequent semester.

Transfer Students

Transfer students currently working toward a degree at another institution, or with completed degrees, are welcome in all IAM Majors and Concentrations. Predicting how long it will take a transfer student to complete one of our degrees, however, can be complicated and we are prepared to work with you in sorting out the particulars of your transfer situation, which varies depending on the Major, Concentration, and the courses you are transfering in. We also have restrictions on the number of credit hours that can be transfered in for courses directly required in our Majors and Concentrations (as opposed to Liberal Arts and Scieneces transfer credits.)  For more information on general Columbia College Chicago  transfer policies please visit Admissions. For assistance with departmental transfer policies please contact us at 312-369-7750 or transfers@iam.colum.edu.

To find your Faculty Advisor Enter Your OasisID   


Advising appointments can be be made in TimeTrade or on Oasis