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Sound for Interaction 36-1400

This course provides the foundation for understanding sound in the visual and non-visual media. The first half of the course examines the power of creating images with sound and music without using visuals. Sound sculptures and landscapes, as well as classical impressionistic examples are reviewed and critiqued. The second half of the course investigates the impact of sound on both moving and still image. Film, website, game and animation audio is analyzed for impact, technique, structure and effectiveness. The terminology used in the field is underscored with reading and writing examples. The roles of all of the people involved with film, game and web sound are covered.

Prereqs: 36-1000,Media Theory & Design

Coordinator : Matt Board mboard@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Familiarize yourself with the use of audio media tools (microphones, mixers, monitors, and software); 
  • Come to a greater understanding of the impact of sound upon the interpretation and implementation of other media;  
  • Comprehend the basic elements of digital audio theory in order to manipulate sound; 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the creation, usage, and application of audio and its respective components in interactive media  
  • Understand the physical nature of sound and its impact upon working with audio media; 

  • David Noffs Student Work Spring08

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