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Virtual Worlds Concepts 36-1950

This course will explore hands on development of virtual worlds. Students will engage in character representation, collective storytelling, and alternative social and communication methods. Students will practice environmental simulation, and economics appropriate to virtual worlds. Students will use audio, video, bitmaps, 3D modeling techniques for in-world and real world media creation. Object scripting for interactivity, commerce, data communication and motion will be introduced. Students will participate in virtual world cultures.


Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...

    Image 1: First day of class photo, Andrew Oleksiuk, instructor
    Image 2: Light Sabres, Carleton Yarber, student
    Image 3: Primhead, Krystal Carr, student
    Image 4: Rumble Ball, Akia Young, student

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