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Digital Image Experiments 36-2300

Students explore complex 2D image manipulation and generation options and refine technical skills in preparation for advanced work. Emphasis is on integration of drawing, scanned images, image processing, and 2D paint graphics into high-resolution images for output and use in multimedia. Projects are designed to combine students' conceptual abilities with 2D technical expertise.

Prereqs: 36-1000,Media Theory & Design I,36-1300,Digital Image Design

Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Gain proficiency using visual technology tools and skills through projects and assignments that investigate media, cultural, and semiotic theories.  
  • Address two-dimensional design issues which involves purposeful decision making about using elements and principles of art in an integrative way. A variety of design processes and techniques and compositional and aesthetic concepts will be explored.  
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze art. 
  • Experiment with techniques and approaches to develop perceptual and conceptual skills leading to individual expression.  
  • Focus on developing imagery that requires the exploration of interests to enhance ways of expressing a personal aesthetic.  

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