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Sound Design for Games I* 36-2400

This course allows the student to actively implement, design and control the audio assets in a game. Open source game engines and game editors are widely used in this course to familiarize students with the production and creative demands that will be required of them. Technique, production and creativity are fostered in texts and lectures throughout the course. Sound libraries are the source of much of the raw audio for project work.

Prereqs: 36-2410 Linear Audio Production

Coordinator : Matt Board mboard@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Fully implement sound effects and music files into various game engines 
  • Script and manipulate native engine-based audio engines. 
  • Understand the relationships between non-linear sound objects and visual in-game cues.  
  • Understand triggers, transitions and object-oriented GUI sound programming 

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