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Object Oriented Programming 36-2600

Extending the theory initiated in Introduction to Programming: Theory and Concepts, this course, through a variety of exercises, stresses the practice of programming. Object-oriented, event-driven strategies are emphasized to prepare students for more advanced programming studies in subsequent classes. Students are also introduced to programming best practices including comment to code and naming conventions.

Prereqs: 36-1501 Programming Theory & Concepts

Coordinator : Janell Baxter jbaxter@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Demonstrate how Design Patterns can improve programming solutions  
  • Design and implement a web based application using C# and ASP.NET 
  • Model and design applications using Unified Modeling Language (UML)  
  • Define the concepts of inheritance, encapsulation, interfaces, and polymorphism  
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the product development cycle using C#  
  • Write object oriented programs (OOP)  

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