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Authoring Interactive Media* 36-2601

This class focuses on effectively communicating content in an interactive format. Students research, plan, and produce interactive media projects. Several media components are developed and integrated to support the goal of each piece. Topics covered include contextual problem solving, information designed with participants in mind, considering their culture and demographics. Contemporary authoring technology and content creation tools will be used.

Prereqs: 36-1300,Digital Image Design,36-1000,Media Theory&Design I,and,22-1320,Design Lab,and,52-1151,Writing & Rhetoric I,and,24-1710,Screenwriting I:Writing ShortFilm*,and,52-1152,Writing & Rhetoric II,and,52-1101 ,and,39-1100,Aesthetics/Interactive

Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts behind, and be able to create interactive projects using current production technologies.  
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate media into an interactive multimedia project 
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully develop interactive strategies using methodology introduced in the Media Theory and Design classes.  
  • Apply cultural and critical theory to create work that considers contemporary cultural and social conditions  
  • Be able to create projects that emphasize discourse and dialogue (interactivity rather than exposition)  
  • Be able to develop goal-oriented media  
  • Look critically at the current state of the art in interactive production through exposure to the profession  

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