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Indie Game Sprint 36-3060

Indie Game Sprint is a two-week, four days a week intensive course in rapid independent game development. Under the guidance of an independent game developer, students learn to work with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to make a simple game or game prototype in the brief time allotted. Emphasis is placed on faster iteration techniques balanced against the requirement to maintain quality, integrity and artistic vision. Students taking this class are warned that a significant amount of non-classroom production time is required.

Prereqs: permission of dept

Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • work with alternative development tools and techniques. 
  • analyze raw game concept ideas with an eye toward rapid ideation and production. 
  • better balance creative vision, artistic expression, and production realities. 
  • better understand the independent game development process and its production techniques.  

  • Indie Game Sprint J-Term 2011

    Team: SwordVan Attack
    Brian Cielesz, Noah Johnson, Tucker Williams
    Sassy Robots in Space!!!!! (PC Version)
    Sassy Robots in Space!!!!! (Mac Version(Universal))

    Team: Flightless Penguins
    Michelle Flamm, Phillip Hogan, Kevin Mackey
    Folding Dragon (PC Version)
    Folding Dragon (Mac Version(Universal))

    Team: Denim Jacketz
    Gewargis Envia, Blair Kuhlman, Morgan O'Brien
    Gravity Game: A Game of Gravitational Pursuit (PC Version)
    Gravity Game: A Game of Gravitational Pursuit (Mac Version(Universal))

    Team: Scorpion Jazz Hands
    Josef Locastro, Elise Motzny, Philip Scholp
    10:15 to Clerkenwell(PC Version)
    Mac Version of 10:15 to Clerkenwell Coming Soon!

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