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Game Programming 36-3270

XNA Programming is a game programming course with a strong focus on developing good programming skills, design patterns and practical problem solving. This course will also focus on image/texture design and 3D mesh manipulations, trig and possible some linear algebra. All projects will stress good programming practices and design patterns. We will use interfaces, game components (strategy pattern implementation) and game services (singleton/factory) and may get to visual fx and HLSL (decorator patten), and input handling (observer pattern) and state management.

Prereqs: OOP or C++

Coordinator : Janell Baxter jbaxter@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Build simple 2D and 3D Games in XNA and extrapolate that knowledge to other game environments.  
  • Demonstrate practical game programming skills in XNA game environment.  
  • Practice iterative design and refactoring.  
  • Recognize and use design patterns and practical problem solving relating to game development.  

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