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3D Composition for Interactive Media I 36-3301

3D modeling, texturing and animation have become essential components of most media driven events. The strategies and processes needed for 3D composition are vastly different from those of traditional 2D graphic design. 3D is particularly important for interface design as well as in creating convincing spaces for simulation or other educational environments. The basic principles and language of modeling, texturing and animation are covered and are supported by a firm theoretical grounding in 3D design.

Prereqs: 36-2300 2D Imaging,36-2000 Media Theory&Design II

Coordinator : Matt Board mboard@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • Introduces basic fundamentals of 3D theory and modeling (primitives, mesh and polygon)  
  • Learn foundations of texturing, animation and rendering  
  • Learn interface integration (export 3D concepts to an interactive interface for navigation (VRML))  
  • Learn post-production strategies (dynamics, fluid dynamic concepts, particles and fields)  

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