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Programming Data Design 36-3520

Programming as problem solving is emphasized, and students are required to code creatively to solve a series of interface related programming challenges they might encounter in HTML and Flash environments. Object-oriented, event-driven emphasis is maintained, including requiring documentation and algorithm planning prior to coding. Students will further their understanding of programming best practices, including creating more stable code, error handling, and minimizing the risk and effects of malicious user behavior.

Prereqs: 36-3100,Navigational Interfaces,36-2600,Object Oriented Programming*

Coordinator : Janell Baxter jbaxter@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • build well designed modern user interfaces to Data Sources 
  • Design and Build normalized relational databases 
  • understand trade offs between normalization and performance in relational databases 
  • use SQL language 
  • use various Data Sources and Data Consumer 

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