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Large Team Game Project 36-3997

The Game Project class is the first stage of the senior/capstone experience of the Game Design Major. It represents the pre-production stage of the capstone project and is required for all students in the Major, taking the Game Studio class. Students are exposed to overall project management, art and sound, technical, and design pre-production techniques and requirements, both technical and documentary. The final result is that the final project of the subsequent Game Studio class is ready for production.

Prereqs: 36-3550 Game Document Development I* 36-3510 Engine-Based Design II* Permission of Coordinator

Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • balance artistic vision with pragmatic decision making and learn how making informed, smart decisions early saves time, money, and stress later in the production cycle. 
  • create preliminary and/or prototype designs, code, and art with an eye toward leveraging as much of this early work toward the subsequent Large Team Game Studio class. 
  • take the preliminary design created in the Spring Game Document Development class and learn to break it down from the perspective of each Concentration and generate tasks and a valid working plan. 
  • understand the fundamentals of the pre-production and early production phases of the game development cycle. Including, but not limited to: Creation of final Game Design, Technical Design, and Media Design Documents Project Schedule and Budget Test Plan and Schedule 
  • use project management and coordination software, such as version control software, Sharepoint workspace, and Microsoft Project. 

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