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Large Team Game Studio 36-3998

Game Studio is the capstone experience for the Game Design curriculum. In this class, students from the Audio, Animation, Design, and Programming concentrations work together on a team following current industry structures and processes. The final result is a market-quality, substantial product created using assets, techniques, and knowledge gained in their prior coursework that can serve as a resume piece for industry employment.

Prereqs: Permission of Department

Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • continue to use project management and coordination software, such as version control software, Sharepoint workspace, and Microsoft Project.  
  • learn to balance artistic vision with pragmatic decision making and learn how making informed, smart decisions early saves time, money, and stress through the end of the production cycle. 
  • work on their assigned tasks throughout the production cycle, as well as participate in testing and critical evaluation and analysis of their progress and the overall project. Students will also be required to learn proper evaluative techniques for making changes to the production schedule based on the current and projected status of the project. 
  • work with instructors to create a Milestone Schedule and deliverables list for the semester. 
  • work with instructors to create Production Task Lists, schedule those tasks, and then be expected to maintain that production schedule. 

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