Kakatte Koi Yo! takes the cake at E3

Kakatte Koi Yo! selected as a finalist at the E3 College Game Competition.

By slapping its competition away, Kakatte Koi Yo! successfully marked its presence at this year’s E3 competition.

Poster of Kakatte Koi Yo!

Kakatte Koi Yo! is a 2D platform fighter similar to games like Super Smash Brothers, Killer Queen, and Duck Game. Controlling one of four cats in teams of 2, players must complete one of two win objectives before their opposing team each round to win the game.

By incorporating 3 different modes, it allows the player to play this game more than once, and differently.

Image of game play

Single-player includes Training Mode, a series of platforming stages with challenges designed to teach core mechanics like movement and fishing. Challenge Campaign is a freely-explorable map with entrances to various challenge stages. Accessing more complex challenges requires the player to utilize more advanced movement techniques. Arcade Mode is a series of single-player (or perhaps cooperative) battles structured similarly to the arcade modes of other fighting games.

Image of single-player gameplay

Let’s meet the team that made this awesome game!!


Sophie Kneznekoff

The programmer of the project. Sophie wrote most of the code for the game as well as did most of the debugging and testing.

Ja’ire Vaughn

Made all the art assets used in the game.

Image of Joshua

Joshua Whittom

The level designer and one of the lead designers on the project, Joshua also took somewhat of a producer role in keeping track of and assigning tasks throughout development. He learned a lot from working on Kakatte Koi Yo!, and will be applying what he learned to other projects going forward.

Group picture of game makers

William Rossi

William was the head of marketing, where he ran the social media and marketing campaigns. He was also a systems designer on the project, where he was in charge of tweaking larger game-play balancing. He was also the co-lead designer, shared with Josh, where they were tasked with a majority of the designing of game-play and mechanics.

Honorable Mentions

This game was part of the Indie Team Capstone project. Many people also helped create and test this game and make it truly outstanding.

David Antognoli – Teacher / QA Assistance

Chris Bokowy – Sound Design

Jason Fishel – Sound Design

Alex Riak – Composer

Bill Guschwan – Mentor

Adam Roberts-Forouzi – Associate Artist (Promotional Material)

Congrats to everyone involved!