Student Organizations

Photograph of students and IAM Alumni Jeremy Kahn at HackerJacks event

Student Organizations

There are several organizations supported or created by IAM students, or advised by IAM faculty. Continue Reading Student Organizations

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Phase Shift screen

Presenting the IAM 2021 Manifest Showcase!

In the Interactive Arts and Media Department, our students work with new and emerging technologies to create the immersive experiences of the future. We’re at… Continue Reading Presenting the IAM 2021 Manifest Showcase!

Still from film

Congratulations Professor Julian Grant!

Congratulations to IAM faculty member Julian Grant whose film CORIANDER & A PENNY’S WORTH OF LONESOME won the Gold Award in Animation from the International… Continue Reading Congratulations Professor Julian Grant!

Sign up for Code Sprint!

If you are planning on taking Application Design in Spring 2021, we recommend you take the Code Sprint series in the fall. They have been created to prepare students to get the most of Application Design, and the three 1-credit classes together can be a substitute for Data Design! Continue Reading Sign up for Code Sprint!