INARI is a 2D hack-and-slash platformer created as a capstone project by game development students at Columbia College Chicago.


Take control of a ninja kitsune who has descended from the heavens to slay the evil spirits plaguing Japan. Slash your way through demons as you run across rooftops, through crowded festival streets, and make your way to the leader of the demonic parade.


INARI provides players with an arsenal of different attacks to slay enemies in style – from quick stabs to hard-hitting heavies and even aerial swipes. By stringing together moves to create combos, you can cut through enemies with ease and rack up divine style points.

Download HERE!


Keyboard: Arrow keys – Move, Space – Jump, Attack – Z, Dash – Shift, Parry – C

Controller: Left stick – Move, A – Jump, Attack – X, Dash – Left Trigger, Parry – B


Karen Spriggs – ProgrammingConcept Art

Lane Howard – Game Design, Programming, VFX, Soundtrack

Ethan Gregory – Game Design, Programming

Hannah Hamilton– Game Design, Programming

Cameron Bates – Game Design

Marc Guiterrez – Game Design

Anna “Reese” Finton – Art Direction, Concept Art, Environment Art

Trang Nguyen – Concept Art, Character Art, UI

Nilana Khoxayo – Concept Art, Character Art

Daria Boudreau– Environment Art

Angelica Idoko – Concept Art

William Walker – Animation

Donovan Wolf – Animation, VFX, UI, Audio

Casey Huffer– Audio Director

Outside Assets: LeanTween (UI), Permanent Marker FontGood Brush FontCredits for Cat SoundsAmbient Dust and Firefly Particles