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Can you fight and survive against giant monsters? Monsters from outer space have descended upon the world. You a lone trooper have to stop them. With your blaster cannon you have to find the monsters weak spots and take them down before they take you down. Can  you save the… Continue Reading VRS KaijuRead More →

An arcade style first person rail shooter, developed as a Senior capstone project at Columbia College Chicago. Use your trusty gun to take out robotic enemies in this exciting arcade style FPS inspired by classic light gun games like House of the Dead and Time Crisis. Take out hordes of… Continue Reading Metal HavocRead More →

Game Summary:  Love Beat is a space-themed romance visual novel and rhythm game hybrid. You play as the newest captain on the Kelso laboratory spaceship. You’ll get to know your coworkers, explore different character paths and get multiple endings depending on the choices you make. Learn about the crew and the world… Continue Reading LoveBeatRead More →

INARI is a 2D hack-and-slash platformer created as a capstone project by game development students at Columbia College Chicago. — Concept: Take control of a ninja kitsune who has descended from the heavens to slay the evil spirits plaguing Japan. Slash your way through demons as you run across rooftops,… Continue Reading INARIRead More →

Developed by Kathy Kolbe, Glop Shop is an exercise that helps understand conation by observing people solving problems that require action and interaction, but can’t be solved by experience or learned behaviors. Glop Shop VR is a way to test conative style in a fun, engaging way. Play as a candy shop worker and complete tasks… Continue Reading Glop ShopRead More →

Plot After Seren’s disappearance, Hopps, his son, tries to find him until one day the telescope he inherited starts pointing in a certain direction. Hopps follows the mysterious line to find himself on an island he didn’t know existed before. Through memories that take over his vision, Hopps makes the… Continue Reading FrogkeyRead More →

Freebooter is an arena FPS inspired by titles like Quake and Ultrakill. While still an early work in progress you can enjoy shooting through a couple diverse and engaging levels with more on the way! Load up your steampunk arsenal and get after those bounties!     To learn more and download, click… Continue Reading FreebooterRead More →

Take Care of Everything on the Table. Take the hassle out of your tabletop experience by having CardSlinger track everything for you. From Dungeons to Monarch and even PlanesChase, CardSlinger helps you automate everything. Check out our Discord Server for more information, or keep reading. Bring Your Friends CardSlinger supports 2 to 6 players in all… Continue Reading CardslingerRead More →