Take Care of Everything on the Table.

Take the hassle out of your tabletop experience by having CardSlinger track everything for you. From Dungeons to Monarch and even PlanesChase, CardSlinger helps you automate everything.

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Bring Your Friends

CardSlinger supports 2 to 6 players in all resolutions, even on a measly flip phone you’ll be able to see all your stats clear as day.

Keep Track of Your Stats

With the app’s damage tracking system, you can learn everything about your decks just by playing games. W/L ratio, damage distribution, average turn time and records such as the earliest win you’ve had are all kept on record.

Deal Some Damage

Health is tracked via a life system that supports every type you could dish out, combat, noncombat, lifelink, poison, and commander are all tracked automatically and even knock players out for you when they hit lethal. Track your damage by dishing it out.

Dare to Descend

If your deck loves dungeons or initiative, take advantage of the app’s fully automated dungeon system which supports the initiative advancing when it’s taken or at upkeep. Rooms can be undone or skipped through as fast as you need.

Explore the multiverse

With the app’s auxiliary gametype support, you can customize your PlanesChase, phenomenon, and scheme cards to make a custom Decklist for PlanesChase play.

And More to Come

CardSlinger is still in Development. There are still many features to come, some of the planned features include:

  • Sharing Deck statistics via QR code.
  • Scanning commanders via the camera for easier name entry.
  • Archenemy.
  • PlanesChase Eternities Map.
  • Custom Dungeons and Planes.
  • Treachery inclusion and Automation.
If you’d like to help with the development, head over to The Official CardSlinger Discord to follow along with development. And if you want to download now, you can do so HERE!

Your Support Matters

This app is free, but your support and donations help a lot. CardSlinger was developed by me over my senior year at college and it’s been a long labor of love to prepare for release, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.