A Purrfect Crime

Breaking and entering! Petting cats! Committing crimes of the cat variety!

Ever wanted to pet a cat? Ever wanted to pet ALL the cats?

    A Purrfect Crime is a not-so-serious game about breaking into peoples homes and… petting their cats! Get in, pet the cats, and get out before the homeowner notices!
You can learn more and download the game HERE!


Main Team:

Lily Hoekstra (Artist, Programming, Sound Design, Producer, Voice)
Dez Boyle (Programming)
John Bashak (Artist, Level Design)
Matthew Menke (Level Design, QA)
Gabriel Willemssen (Level Design, Voice)

Supporting Team:

Brian Rosner (Programming, Art, Voice)
Cristian Salazar (Sound Design, Voice)
Naikym Milton (Programming, Art)
Brandon Figueroa (Level Design)
Kiyan Carre (Art)
Adrian Gavidia (Art)

Additional Support:

Marshall Villarreal (Art)
Guillaume Bolis (Music)
John Nolan(Animation)
Arrison Ortez (Voice)

Additional Assets:

Some assets such as some models, sounds, and animations have been sourced online under free use. Credit to Mixamo, Unity, and other sources.