Pirate Carnage

Battle enemies as well as each other! Collect keys to unlock the ruins! Be the first to get the treasure!

Pirate Carnage is a 2-4 player local split-screen game where players play as pirates fighting over stashed treasure on a cursed island. The players are competing against each other and must race to the treasure by finding keys needed to get further into the mountain while battling one another and the dangerous local wildlife using their swords and flintlock pistols while eating food to restore health. Inside the ruins in the mountain, the players must defeat the undead pirate captain boss, Lucky Roué and bring the treasure back to their ship before the other players can do the same.

The game is played in Third Person on gamepads and is targeted towards people who like playing party games locally with a group of friends.


Owen Duffy: Lead designer

Rhona Filgueras: Lead artist

Michael Breedlove: Lead programmer

Nate Lipkins-Warren: Designer

Long Nyugen: Artist

Jack Gunther: Artist

Hannah Hamilton: Artist