Metal Havoc

An arcade style first person rail shooter, developed as a Senior capstone project at Columbia College Chicago.

Use your trusty gun to take out robotic enemies in this exciting arcade style FPS inspired by classic light gun games like House of the Dead and Time Crisis.

Take out hordes of robots that have been infected with a malicious computer virus. You’ll have to make your way through a factory overrun by enemies and in desperate need of help. Experience satisfying gun play and exciting combat as you fight different kinds of corrupted robots. And now the game is compatible with the Sinden Lightgun!

Two versions of the game are now available which are optimized for either mouse and keyboard control or for lightgun control, for a more authentic arcade experience. You can find both HERE!

Metal Havoc won Best Use of Technology at the 2023 GamebIITes competition hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology chapter of the International Game Developers Association.


MOUSE  – Aim


RIGHT CLICK – Fire Stun Shot


Lead Designer – Ricky Bakersmith

Lead Programmer – Luke Uritescu

Art Director – Alex Sperry

Character Models – Alex Sperry

Sound Design – Casey Huffer

Level Design – Christopher Womack, Noah RiveraRicky Bakersmith

Music – Marshall Villarreal

Assets Used

Character animations from

Environment assets from Sickhead Games