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  Kung Shoe is an action packed 4 player experience where players fling their shoes at each other with just a flick of the foot. Grab some pals, some soda pops, kick back – have a blast! Download NOW!    Read More →

    Lost in Chroma is a game about getting lost in a colorful labyrinth. Explore the 2Ddreamscape and solve puzzles to find your way out. Download here!Read More →

Become Death himself in a hilarious point-and-click adventure. Someone has stolen Death’s Scythe, his source of power. To retrieve it, explore the Underworld, converse with its inhabitants, and unfold a wholly original story driven by player choices! Click here to download!    Read More →

Rhythm Rain a music rhythm game made for iOS/Android. Tap rhythms to indie music written by students who go to Columbia or access and play music in your phone’s music library.  Read More →

Veggie Knight is an organic 2.5D hack-and-slash Platformer game set in a Medieval era where fruits and vegetables roam the land. Players control Tom Atoe, the fabled Veggie Knight who must defeat the evil King Caesar Salad before he obtains all 7 Primordial Seeds of Power. Tom will traverse the… Continue Reading Veggie KnightRead More →

The Fool begins his journey… Ascend is a first-person narrative-driven exploration game where the player takes up the role of The Lost Wanderer. Adrift in a world with purpose forgotten, they are pursued by a mysterious Tower, forever rising in the distance. Steel your nerves and enter the Tower, each… Continue Reading AscendRead More →

Warden of Raal” is a trap-setting game, where the player controls a construct tasked with protecting their ancient temple from a constant onslaught of thieves bent on stealing their relics; the source of their mystical powers. Having been recently awakened from its frozen slumber, the last of the temple wardens… Continue Reading Warden of RaalRead More →