After Seren’s disappearance, Hopps, his son, tries to find him until one day the telescope he inherited starts pointing in a certain direction. Hopps follows the mysterious line to find himself on an island he didn’t know existed before. Through memories that take over his vision, Hopps makes the connection that this island is the Esterra that Seren would tell him fairytale stories about when he was younger. After talking to the King, Hopps learns about the devastating future of the island and decides to take action to change it. Ester, the Princess, doesn’t like the direction of the plan to save the island and goes against Hopps to stop him from gathering all the star fragments.



  • Hophius Marcellus (Hopps) – Main Character / Player
  • Seren Marcellus – Hopp’s Adoptive Father / King’s Advisor & Best Friend
  • Ester Esterra – Princess / Villain
  • Asteri Esterra – King / Seren’s Best Friend
  • Copernicus (Copper) – Fly / Sidekick / Voice of Reason

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The Team

  • Jose Miguel Villafranca – Game Director / Programmer
  • Denice Carrera – Producer / Lead Narrative
  • Ethan Gregory – Lead Game Designer / Level Designer
  • Brandon Scott Figueroa – Game Designer / Lead Level Designer
  • Christopher Womack – Game Designer / Level Designer
  • Adrián Gavidia – Game Designer / Level Designer
  • Gabriel Sotomayor – Game Designer / Level Designer
  • Katherine Joyner – Lead Game Artist / Concept Artist
  • Mikayla Medders – Game Artist / Concept Art
  • Angelica Idoko – Game Artist / Concept Art
  • John Bashak – Game Artist / 3D Model
  • Nicholas Tummillo – Game Artist/3D Artist
  • Mark Pellegrini – Lead Programmer
  • Naikym Milton – Programmer
  • Gilbert Marin – Lead Audio Designer / Composer