Student Organizations

Columbia College Chicago’s office of Student Organizations and Leadership empowers students to create engaging experiences for themselves and their organization members.
Organizations supported or created by IAM students, or advised by IAM faculty include:


Where nerds of a feather code together!

Get ready to say Hello World : )

A student run club that explores fun programming topics and how to apply them in your life!

Hack n’ Snack

We also run the amazing Hack-n-Snack event! It’s a great time to hang out with other students, eat snacks, jam out, and work in a relaxed environment.

More information about HackerJacks on the IAM wiki…


Alpha Lab

A club that goes over everything for the concepts of creating a game to the in depth design and art decision used in development process. The club also features talks/presentations on several topics and software used in game development and even puts on Game Jams for all IAM students to participate in!

We host workshops, events, and discussions every Friday from 5-6pm in room 142 of the 916 S. Wabash building (1st floor).


Creating work for portfolios, teaching students something new every week, preferably something outside their concentration, practicing working together in a friendly environment, giving newer students a chance to do/learn more about game creation without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed, and providing a social atmosphere for all Columbia students interested in the game-making process.

More information about Alpha Lab on the IAM wiki…

Columbia College Chicago Animation Association

The Columbia College Chicago Animation Association organization is for animation students and students interested in animation. This organization was founded to help encourage young animators and connect them. Our goal is to teach our fellow students what we know about animation and create lifelong friendships that would span into our careers. We want to help our fellow animators with critiques and advice. We want to create a safe environment so they can flourish.

Join us at our bi-weekly meetings at 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Room 402 on Fridays!

More information about the Animation Association on the IAM wiki…



Dungeons and Dragons Club

Dungeons and Dragons Club organizes and teaches players to play the famous roleplaying game as well as other games. We run through games and campaigns of fun and original stories crafted by the game master or based on a game module. Fight as your personally created hero or villain through a heroic or evil quest! Be prepared to craft your own story as you interact with other players! Come join and have fun!

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Japanese Anime and Manga

JAM is an organization that celebrates Japanese popular culture by holding weekly meetings to watch Japanese anime and dramas and holding discussions on the anime we watch.

Join us at our weekly meetings every Thursday from 7-10 in 916 S. Wabash, room 150.



More information about Japanese Anime and Manga on the IAM wiki…


Press Start

For folks who are interested in learning about digital art and making games collide! We welcome people of all skill levels to come talk about art fundamentals and how to translate them to the games we make!

More information about Press Start on the IAM wiki…

Herstory (Not currently active)

Herstory works to empower students through conversations with female entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and leaders. As members of Herstory, you will work within a team of passionate students to find and contact speakers and plan monthly conversations between students and these women.