Animation Foundations Inaugural Class

Over sixty freshman Animators debuted their work in the new Animation Foundations class.

This new course introduces students to the principles of animation in a hands-on environment. During the semester, students create a wide range of animated content; learning animation principles while developing their own unique work.

An immersive opportunity in all phases of animation, students create a variety of Traditional, Computer Generated CG, Visual Effects, Kinetic Text (Motion Graphics) and Alternative Animation throughout the fifteen week semester.

The course provides students the opportunity to learn about, and create, a wide range of animated content at the beginning of their college career. 

Associate Professor Julian Grant (instructor and designer of the course) says, “For all animation students, especially Transfer Students, it’s important to see the different types of work available and to divine clearly the next steps in their schedule. I wanted students to have a chance to sample the various forms but also confirm that their initial selections for their pathways were correct and well founded. A number of students were able to navigate a new pathway once they had the chance to work in a discipline they originally believed their best fit.”

Samples of the students work are screened at the semester end showcase of the Animation Program in the Film Row Cinema.

Students enrolled in the Animation Program can find out more about this class by contacting Associate Professor Julian Grant – or checking with their college advisor.