Hooked is a VR puzzle game that challenges the way you think. Don’t be fooled by the first level… you are in for a surprise.


Ishan, an artist on the team, says, “Inspired by other 2-D games, we were motivated to make something familiar in 3-D. We are using the HTC Vive as our medium, but using creativity as our fuel.”

Hooked VR Game created by IAM students

To navigate, use your left hand to control the grappling hook. The hook allows you to transport in the game. Your right hand can interact with the environment (for example, pick up boxes or discover moving parts). Hooked’s motto: “Try to think out of the box, or else you’ll remain in it.”

The team creating the game are: Matthew Robertson (Game Designer, Level Designer), Anthony Flores (Programmer, Tester), Michail Michail (Programmer, Level Designer), Ishan Dutta (Art), and David Beaudoin (Programmer).