Congratulations Professor Julian Grant!

Movie poster

Congratulations to IAM faculty member Julian Grant whose film CORIANDER & A PENNY’S WORTH OF LONESOME won the Gold Award in Animation from the International Independent Film Awards! Per their website, the International Independent Film Awards is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the many talented independent filmmakers and artists from around the world who share their visions in a powerful, creative and entertaining way. Awards are given seasonally in 41 categories. You can see the full list of Spring 2020 winners here.

CORIANDER & A PENNY’S WORTH OF LONESOME is now available to stream worldwide! You can check it out here.

About CORIANDER & A PENNY’S WORTH OF LONESOME: When vaudeville performer Coriander Simm is plucked from the stage, she has no idea what lies ahead performing as Valentino’s last love during his 1926 wake in NYC. Add an over-protective stepbrother with more than brotherly love on his mind and an amorous ‘puss-pitcher’ from United Artists, plus a rival movie star intent on usurping Coriander’s position as the bereaved suitor and you’ve got a loving tribute to the films of yesteryear and the Tin Pan Alley. (courtesy of IMDb)