Getting A Job 101 (with Alumni Becca Hallstedt)

Presented by Becca Hallstedt (Class of 2017) Freelance Concept and Texture Artist

In partnership with </hackerjacks>, Becca Hallstedt, formerly of World of Warcraft at Blizzard as well as Injustice 2 at Netherrealm, led a presentation and discussion about techniques around job applications and interviews in the games industry.

Discussions centered around:

  • Burnout and mental health
  • Active community involvement
  • Chicago game development organizations
  • Balancing self-criticism and growth against self-deprecation
  • Methods of self-care when doing job tests
  • Healthy business practices vs. Unhealthy ones, and how to be aware of them
  • Portfolios: when it’s time to remove or add a piece
  • Discovering useful job resources to help with website construction and resumes

A big thank you to Becca Hallstedt and their insights! Becca enjoys pickling vegetables, world-building, and mentoring people about the games industry and its processes.

IAM alumni Becca Hallstedt

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