IAM Faculty and Staff Showcase on April 12th

IAM Faculty and Staff Showcase Banner

We are throwing our first ever IAM Faculty and Staff Showcase on April 12th in the lobby of 916. The event is open to everyone and there will be IAM demos, talks, and more. We have a wide range of work being presented from animation reels and podcasts to VR demos and original research. Please encourage your students to attend, and if you are teaching, please bring your class on by to celebrate our community! The event kicks off at 5pm. Presentations will be every 20 minutes with plenty of time to engage with one another.Presenters and participants this year will be:

  • Jason Hopkins
  • David Gerding
  • David Antognoli
  • Janell Baxter
  • Anthony Morman
  • Ron Fleischer
  • Michael Vaughn Green
  • Tim Seeley
  • Karl Statz
  • Sara Batkie
  • Brenden Wysocki
  • Bill Guschwan
  • Josh Fisher