IAM Grad Student Zoey Reyes Publishes First Academic Paper

Zoey Reyes, a Masters of Interaction Design student, just announced the publication of her first academic paper.

My first academic paper has been officially published! I’ve shared it here below. Thanks to my supportive friends and family, especially my co-author Joshua A. Fisher. I’m thrilled with the final product, but I’m not done with the topic; I plan on using my findings to create a more inclusive and positive Trans VR experience!

Titled “The Impacts of Virtual Reality Avatar Creation and Embodiment on Transgender and Genderqueer Individuals in Games,” the paper explores how “Virtual Reality (VR) developers create experiences that result in both gender dysphoria and euphoria for Transgender and Genderqueer individuals” through the use of “Avatar Creation Interfaces (ACI)” and how this interplay between virtual embodiment/representation and gender identity “can inform a more inclusive experience for Transgender and Genderqueer individuals” engaging with these platforms.

Read the abstract and access the full article HERE!