In 2016, the first place winners of the first-annual Young Tech Challenge at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair were the developers of Fizz: Glenn Careau, Cassidy Lucas, Julian Rojas & Raphael Alvarado.

Fizz Indie Team Game

Fizz Indie Team Game

In FIZZ, players explore the world of the Fizz Co. Soda Factory as Tap, a robot whose sole job is to package soda into boxes and prepare it for distribution. As Fizz Co.’s latest robot model, Tap possesses an extremely advanced Artificial Intelligence and soon becomes a little too aware of his dead end job.

In an attempt to escape the monotony of a life of packaging soda for the better part of an eternity, Tap decides his best solution is to leave his job at Fizz Co. Upon learning Tap’s plans for an escape, Fizz Co.’s CEO quickly sends a command to all of the other bots at Fizz Co. to capture and eliminate the “rouge-bot.”

As Tap, players have to navigate themselves through the expanse of Fizz Co. as well as a surge of fellow robots in order to find their final exit. Utilizing soda-themed weapons like Ramune—a soda bottle that shoots marbles—Tap is able to properly defend himself against his pursuers as he attempts his final escape.

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