Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Club

A student organization for fans of narrative and character design!

Dungeons and Dragons Club teaches new players and offers an outlet for old players to engage in the fantastic yet classic roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons. We run through one off adventures and campaigns devised by our group’s own Dungeon Masters as well as modules released by external organizations like Wizards of the Coast.

Our missions is to offer a place that connects old and new players alike! Our organization is designed not only to offer player sessions ans campaigns, but also to engage our members with one another and to expand their knowledge of writing in different genres through world building.

We offer lessons teaching new Masters how to construct and write nonlinear campaigns, as well as hold sessions that allows multiple players to have equal agency within their sessions.

Campaigns are held weekly, with one-off sessions often times coinciding with DM campaigns and meeting times on a monthly basis.

We seek to provide fun and welcoming environment for members of all kinds, including Table Top Game enthusiasts!


Contact D&D Club President zoey.reyes@loop.colum.edu for further questions and information!