Kissy Ghost: IAM Indie Team Capstone 2016


IAM Indie Team Capstone

Kissy Ghost is a game about a bunch of humans trying to exorcise a ghost residing within their house by taking it on a really sweet date!

Developed by IAM Students under the team DogDadGames, Kiss Ghost is a 2D pixel arena game for anywhere between 2-4 players, the ghost must kiss furniture in order to animate it so they may stop the humans. The humans must gather various HOT DATE items from around the house and bring them to the main room to vanquish the ghost.


Within a perfectly ordinary home, until 4 elderly scholars of wiz-biz carelessly decide to mess around with some experimental magical materials, and something goes WRONG.



One of their friends got turned into a very affectionate ghost! The ghost lays their sweet spooky lips on a piece of furniture. With a single smooch, the furniture pops to life! It immediately starts trying to get friendly with the other wizards as they become startled and run away.

By taking this affectionate ghost out on the ULTIMATE DATE to satisfy its LOVE of LOVE, the Wizards hope to be rid of this nuisance! To do this, they must search the house for as many items with synergistic affection-based properties to properly perform this banishing spell.

The Wizards must work as a team to avoid love-hungry furniture and collect magical items and place them in séance circles in order to banish the ghost. Players must work together as a team in order to have this ghost smooch off!

Kissy Ghost was greenlit on the PC platform Steam in 2016. Click here to take a look at the Steam page!