M.M.O. VR: Indie Team Capstone 2019


IAM Senior Capstone Game 2018-2019 (Course: Indie Team)

Players must rise through the ranks in this gritty sci-fi combat game to earn their place as a top arena combatant. The game’s setting and mechanics convey a world of hardship and futuristic turmoil, and the varying types of enemies require players to modify their combat strategies to succeed.

To maximize the game’s potential for fun, the team used iterative rounds of play testing and design.  Jack Malboeuf, game designer for M.M.O. VR, said “The game originally started as a strategic card game in VR, but as you go through development and learn more about your platform, so too do you learn that integration of that platform and its abilities speak louder than novelty.”

During play testing sessions at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTag) the development team discovered that for M.M.O. VR, users enjoyed real-time action instead of slower, strategic game play. Mike Morrone, game designer on the project, said “fresh eyes on the game really helped with finding what our users want and what makes sense.” Based on the critical play testing results, the team created a vertical slice of their project that incorporated visual story elements for a Logan Theatre Playtest Party (11/30/18).


  • Sound: John Fischer – Composer, Greg Levinson and Franco Addante – SFX
  • Designers: Jack Malboeuf, Mike Morrone
  • Artists: Arianna Terlitsky, Matt Curro
  • Programming: Tommy Rohn

Screenshot from M.M.O. VR: Indie Team Capstone 2019